Friday, March 18, 2011

HOT5 Daily 3/17/2011

1. "20 Days of Left-Wing Thuggery in Wisconsin" Compare this behavior to the completely imaginary connection between Sarah Palin and the Arizona shooting that had the left in hysterics.

Representative Sample: what’s happening in Wisconsin is downright frightening because, as you’ll see below, these incidents are growing in number and intensity. Furthermore, other than the Right, no one is calling for calm or civility. The local media is, at best, wrist-flicking these incidents, Democratic legislators have not called for calm, President Obama is AWOL, and worst of all, Public Union Workers not involved in the thuggish behavior taking place in their name, have been complicit with their silence.

2. "The Raj Strikes Back" A pretty good analysis of what our ill-advised intervention in Libya might bring.

Representative Sample: The West is not intervening into a two-way war. Obama, Hillary, and the gang are taking us into a fragmentary nationalist and religious conflict that pits Islamist radicals and supposedly nice Westernizing computer geeks against Gaddafis or Mubaraks — only thereafter to pit the radicals and Westernizers against one another, the remnants of the old regime, and, as often as not, the foreign invader.

3. "Nuke Energy: The Next Japan Casualty" I'm afraid this might be the case.

Representative Sample: The situation at the stricken Fukushima Daiichi nuclear plant is already factoring into any number of nightmare reports and prognostications, a new and potent Japanese symbol of our collective fears about science. Fukushima is further demonizing — or monsterizing — an industry which might actually offer the only clean, sustainable energy source for a world simultaneously preoccupied with Godzilla-sized carbon footprints and climate change.

4. "Pakistani TV star tells off an imam beautifully." Nice to see, until you remember that this woman is an international celebrity, and therefore able to do something most women living in Pakistan would probably never dare to do -- for good reason.

Representative Sample: It's a video.

5. "How I Made It With No Health Insurance, No Job, Big Medical Expenses and No Obamacare" A story worth reading.

Representative Sample: As my health problems increased, they required expensive medication and regular doctor and emergency room visits. Being out of a full-time job meant I had no medical insurance. Since these were the days before Obamacare, I had to make it on my own.

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