Monday, March 21, 2011

HOT5 Daily 3/21/2011

1. "Yet Another Overworked Metaphor For Understanding American Foreign Policy" Historical perspective.

Representative Sample: Foreign nations must watch their dealings with Americans: at the drop of a hat or turn of a screw they can suddenly become Indian Tribes and become the target of American improvement.

2. "Potential Causes of Total Human Extinction in the Next 200 Years" I think he missed some, but these are bad enough.

Representative Sample: it may be that these next 200 years are the most critical: when total human extinction is most plausible. This may even be the most critical time (for intelligent life) in the history of the galaxy.

3. "A 'No Fly Zone' in Name Only" Another reason the UN resolution is meaningless propaganda.

Representative Sample: It has become clear a day after its imposition that what allied forces are doing is NOT imposing a "No-Fly Zone", so much as they are imposing absolute air supremacy in order to enable them to conduct operations against fielded Libyan forces on the ground. These are two very, very different matters.

4. "Democrats, Muslims, Gun Owners and Tea Partiers" Good point.

Representative Sample: This week the Democrats displayed near unlimited concern that a group of Americans might be unfairly labeled for the actions of a few bad actors within that group

5. "No, America Doesn’t Need More College Graduates" And higher education needs less taxpayer money, not more.

Representative Sample: I don’t think we’re doing some of these kids any favors by pushing them into college, subsidizing them into tens of thousands of dollars to debt, before they even have any idea what they want to do with their lives.

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