Monday, March 14, 2011

HOT5 Daily 3/14/2011

1. "Neutrality Is Not An Option" Shut down the public unions.

Representative Sample: One countermove comes to mind: start waging war back against the unions. They've shown their true colors, they've demonstrated that they feel no compunctions on their behavior. So decertify them.

2. "Dumbing Down America For Affirmative Action" Because what racial group you belong to is more important than qualifications.

Representative Sample: I am not in favor of lowering standards for any reason. I do not care if too few blacks, women, Puerto Ricans, Hispanics, or whatever the minority victim of the week happens to be get excluded because they could not pass the test or meet some other standard. If they are unable to meet the minimum standard then they are unable to do the job. If we are going to ignore the test results or change them to benefit one particular group then why have the test at all.

3. "The Financial Ignorance of Religious Texts" There's plenty of ignorance to go around in religious texts, but this is one aspect I never really thought much about.

Representative Sample: However well-meaning these rules originally were, their existence shows that the texts that contain them were authored by fallible humans, ignorant of the mathematical and economic arguments that would propel the human species to prosperity.

4. "The size of the secular right" Not large.

Representative Sample: The constituency constitutes a whopping 0.67%, or 1 in 150 people, or two million people in a country of 310 million.

5. "Why Do So Many African-Americans Convert to Islam?" Good question and interesting point.

Representative Sample: Islam in black Africa has similar roots as Christianity among blacks in the Americas-conquest and slavery. So the question arises, if converting from Christianity to Islam represents a way for a black American to reject the religion of the slave-master (Christianity), what sense is it to embrace another religion with a similar history?

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