Wednesday, March 9, 2011

HOT5 Daily 3/10/2011

1. "Too Many White Guys" More on the latest critique of the military.

Representative Sample: the real emphasis should be on demanding excellence from all who aspire to flag rank, and promoting those who meet--and exceed--a very high bar. Some of the "remedies" outlined in the Lyles report seem closer to social engineering, particularly when you introduce the notions of "measurement" and "metrics."

2. "For Terrorism Before He Was Against It" Unlike most of the attacks on Rep. Peter King, this is a valid criticism.

Representative Sample: King is holding hearings to determine why American Muslims become the sort of people he'd have little problem with if they were Ulster Catholics.

3. "Curiosity as a Purpose of Life" Good points.

Representative Sample: One of the most common questions religious believers ask atheists is where we find purpose in life, what makes our existence meaningful and worthwhile. I've written about this subject on Ebon Musings, but I want to add to my answer. Both atheists and theists can give the usual answer of wanting to do good in the world, helping our fellow human beings and so on, but I've realized that atheists can offer another answer, something that believers genuinely can't say: atheists are inspired to go on living by curiosity. We want to know who we are and why is it that we're here.

4. "US Predators are killing 'hardcore elements' and 'foreigners' - Pakistani general" A Pakistani speaking out with strong support for the U.S. drone assassination program. You don't hear that every day.

Representative Sample: "Myths and rumours about US predator strikes and the casualty figures are many, but it's a reality that many of those being killed in these strikes are hardcore elements, a sizeable number of them foreigners," Mehmood told Pakistani reporters

5. "Our Chameleon-in-Chief" Wait until the reelection campaign to really see some attempts to change his appearance.

Representative Sample: It's a cartoon.

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