Thursday, March 17, 2011

HOT5 Daily 3/17/2011

1. "Nuclear Power and the State" I'm strongly in favor of nuclear power but I found this to be an interesting perspective.

Representative Sample: The state monopolizes the energy sector, claims to balance the risks and benefits of its decisions, and is not liable as an institution for error. It is almost impossible to know for certain the correct answer about how much or little we should rely on nuclear energy or any other form of energy without a free market and outside the context of private property rights and privately held profits and accountability.

2. "Don't Blame the Spies" Some good points.

Representative Sample: time and again, after some crisis or costly failure, the intelligence community has been criticized for allegedly not providing that kind of unwelcome or uncomfortable message -- and for not providing it loudly enough to gain the attention of even the most inattentive.

3. "Liberal de facto apologia for Islam" De facto apologia when they aren't actively apologizing for it.

Representative Sample: My issue is not that American liberals strenuously defend the civil liberties of Muslim Americans. My issue is that they often expand their defense to an inaccurate characterization of the religion.

4. "And Then There Were None" A look back at WWI.

Representative Sample: With the death of Frank Buckles on February 27, 2011 there are no surviving US veterans of World War I. Worldwide, a handful of WWI veterans are alive today; soon there will be none.

5. "Gadhafi's Cyrenaica Offensive: A Gift to Dictators" I'm against U.S. intervention in Libya, but this is one of the better arguments I've seen favor.

Representative Sample: A Gadhafi win tells the world violent subjugation works. Iran's tyrants hope so. Gadhafi's survival may also serve Chinese domestic political interests. Tunisia's Jasmine Revolution, which inspires Libya's rebels, has inspired Chinese dissidents.

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