Wednesday, March 30, 2011

HOT5 Daily 3/30/2011

1. "Carthago Delenda Est" Since we are in Libya, how about we don't settle for another half-measure?

Representative Sample: There is no substitute for victory. Khaddafi's regime must be destroyed. Otherwise, we risk having future generations deal with an even worse problem in Libya.

2. "What Do You Mean by Democracy?" Always a good question to ask. A response to Roger Cohen's NYT article.

Representative Sample: The trouble with Cohen’s advocacy for democracy is that he is incapable of drawing the one meaningful distinction between groups bent on Islamist domination such as the Brotherhood and Hezbollah and a genuinely democratic though deeply flawed party like Shas.


Representative Sample: they did not start out to be looters, leeching off the productive; but they learned to survive and thrive in the environment of pull and privilege that big, intrusive governments create. They learned to buy votes and favors; to get the big government contracts and the big government's protection of their 'special' status.

4. "The Church of Christ Sadist (2)" Examples of the results of Christian Science doctrine.

Representative Sample: Another sadistic Christian sect (see our post immediately below, The Church of Christ Sadist) lets children die in agony.

5. "Obama’s Speech A Profile In Disingenuousness" Links to a good Washington Post article.

Representative Sample: So who is in charge in Libya? The US, of course – just with a different flag officer wearing a different hat while warming a different chair. This remains a US operation.

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