Saturday, March 5, 2011

HOT5 Daily 3/5/2011

1. "Free Market Health Care: The Road Not Taken" It's actually hard to imagine what a free market health care system might look like since we've had so much government involvement for so long.

Representative Sample: It should be no surprise that while US consumer prices have risen 53% since 1992, health care prices have risen at nearly double that rate, by 98%. Recognize that this is not inevitable. This inflation is not something unique to medical care — it is something unique to how we pay for medical care.

2. "The Closing of the Leftist Mind" It's been closed on many issues for quite some time.

Representative Sample: The bottom line of the Leftist critique of classical liberalism is that the economy has to be regulated, because, if not, corporations will gain power and then control the nation. But, they also claim there has never been a free market and that corporations already control the nation even with regulations, because politicians have been bought.

3. "So much for the “inerrant” word of god" Not the word of God and not inerrant. But there's a new version coming out.

Representative Sample: And here you have it, yet another version of the inerrant word of god is on the works, because we (well, not we, they – but you know what I mean) need to make the bible make sense. Yes, that’s exactly what I meant to say.

4. "Iranian Front Donated to Multitude of U.S. Universities" Concentrations of useful idiots for the Iranian regime receiving Iranian money -- not that big of a surprise.

Representative Sample: has a list of universities that received donations from the Alavi Foundation, which the U.S. government says is a front for the regime.

5. "Libyan Fallout: Greater MANPADS Threat" Not good.

Representative Sample: defense analysts say the fallout from escalating unrest in Libya could include more small arms flooding the black market – including portable heat-seeking missiles capable of shooting down an airliner

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