Wednesday, March 16, 2011

HOT5 Daily 3/16/2011

1. "The Post-American Liberal Culture" I wish I was as good as this guy at dissecting liberals.

Representative Sample: Defining multiculturalism as Americanism is not a definition, but an absence of a definition. And that's the definition that liberals are most comfortable with. The missing answer. The absence. The abyss. They don't know who they are anymore, but they damn well sure intend that no one else find out either. In the meantime they are citizens of the world, they are human beings who are concerned about the plight of other human beings so long as they are as different from them as possible. They are open-minded, tolerant and willing to listen to anyone who isn't an American.

2. "THOMAS SOWELL OP-ED: The 'Redevelopment' Hoax" Answering the question as to why those who oppose development support "redevelopment."

Representative Sample: development involves decisions made in the market by large numbers of people in the general population, in their own personal interests, while redevelopment involves taking decisions out of the hands of the population at large and putting the power to make those decisions in the hands of elites.

3. "Hate-filled Holy Book’: Bill Maher Takes Heat From Left, Source Responds with Koran Quotes" More on Bill Maher and Sam Harris over the Koran.

Representative Sample: From a Bigger Picture viewpoint, maybe this is one of those situations like “Waiting For Superman” where an apostate on a crucial issue — and most importantly, a pop culture apostate — someone more interested in truth-telling than ideology, is needed to get the word out and wake people up. Only Nixon can go to China, only the director of “Inconvenient Truth” can take on the teachers unions, and only the right’s number one antagonist can stand up for Western Civilization in the face of radical Islam.

4. "Discussing China’s Navy" Links to an interesting article.

Representative Sample: China’s naval power merits concern because the maritime realm is the most probable dimension in which a Chinese-related military conflict will be triggered and fought. There are several reasons for this.

5. "Defund United Nations Failures Now" Long overdue.

Representative Sample: The UN could not be further removed from taxpayers around the world who provide its funding—especially American taxpayers, who cover 22% of the “core” funding and kick in enough “voluntary” spending to get their final invoice over $6 billion per year.

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