Tuesday, March 29, 2011

HOT5 Daily 3/29/2011

1. "Obama on Libya: Oh Well, Whatever, Nevermind" This reaction is similar to my own.

Representative Sample: Obama asserted on multiple occasions that it was in our “national interest” to intervene in Libya. Why? Well, it’s still not entirely clear.

2. "Obama Accomplished His Aims" Here's a more positive take on the speech from the right.

Representative Sample: his speech tonight accomplished its aims. It sounded reasonable and thoughtful. Its tone was right. Yes, there was a fundamental lack of logic in it, but that's for the intellectuals to parse. From the standpoint of an ordinary watcher, Obama came across as presidential and focused. I'm not saying it was a great speech by any means, but it was a relatively effective one.

3. "The Syrian Time Bomb" While everyone is focused on Libya, what's going on in Syria?

Representative Sample: On all these fronts -- Iran, Iraq, Turkey, Lebanon, Palestine, Israel -- Syria is a key player. But its internal problems now threaten to reshuffle the cards, adding to the general sense of insecurity and latent violence in the region. And of all the threats facing the Middle East, perhaps the greatest -- greater even than of another Arab-Israeli clash -- is that of rampant sectarianism

4. "Israel deploys 'Iron Dome' anti-rocket system" I'm sure it will get some live testing sooner rather than later.

Representative Sample: Israel on Sunday stationed the first batteries of its "Iron Dome" short-range missile defence system in the south of the country, but stressed the initial deployment was experimental.

5. "Defamation of Religion resolution finally dropped at the United Nations" It's about time.

Representative Sample: A 12-year campaign by Islamic countries to have religion protected from “defamation” via a series of United Nations resolutions finally came off the rails yesterday when Western countries and their Latin American allies – strong opponents of the defamation concept – joined Muslim and African states in backing a new approach

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