Friday, March 4, 2011

HOT5 Daily 3/4/2011

1. "The Top 10 Islamapologist Blogs" Useful idiots. But I wouldn't put FrumForum in that category, and certainly not at #3.

Representative Sample: here’s a list of the top ten Islamapologist blogs. Some of them are exactly what one would expect when it comes to apologists for Islamofascism, while others may be a bit surprising. Some have massive readerships, and others are more obscure and have more of a niche audience. The one thing they all have in common is their willingness to excuse or explain away the odious doctrine and philosophy of Islamofascism.

2. "The Further Death of “Liberaltarianism”" Attempts to mix oil and water usually don't work out too well.

Representative Sample: The ongoing twenty minutes of hate against the billionaire libertarian Koch brothers for being, well, billionaire libertarians is yet another nail in the already well-sealed coffin of “liberaltarianism”–the attempt of some libertarians to ally with the progressive left.

3. "The Myth Of The Rule Of Law" Links to an interesting essay.

Representative Sample: This 1995 essay by John Hasnas seems pretty compelling to me. Hasnas can describe anarchism in a way that makes it seem a more practical system of politics than just about anyone else I’ve read, even though that’s not primarily what he’s doing here.

4. "Yes, Virginia, The Bible Does Teach Hell" Debunking the liberal Christian attempt to explain away the ideal of hell.

Representative Sample: I applaud anyone who has the decency to reject the idea of Hell as a sadistic fantasy. Nevertheless, I'm afraid I have to disagree with Slacktivist on textual grounds. It isn't the case that this idea can't plausibly be found in the Bible.

5. "Why China Still Uses Carrier Pigeons" You can't jam a pigeon.

Representative Sample: Carrier pigeons have been retired by most armies. The last European country to do so was Switzerland, in the 1970s (at the same time it got rid of its bicycle units). China, however, has continued to maintain thousands of homing pigeons for military communications duty.

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