Thursday, March 24, 2011

HOT5 Daily 3/25/2011

1. "Implanted brain chip still ticking after 1,000 days" Amazing. Science fiction becomes reality.

Representative Sample: the investigational BrainGate system is a combination of hardware and software that directly senses electrical signals produced by neurons in the brain that control movement. By decoding those signals and translating them into digital instructions, the system is being evaluated for its ability to give people with paralysis control of external devices such as computers, robotic assistive devices, or wheelchairs.

2. "Barack Obama’s 10 Commandments of War" What happens when you elect someone utterly clueless about foreign policy to direct your country.

Representative Sample: Congressional pre-approval is always a Constitutional requirement —when the president is Republican.

3. "Top 10 Failures of ObamaCare After One Year" And then there is domestic policy.

Representative Sample: ObamaCare is projected to cost at least $2.4 trillion when it is fully implemented. Instead of Obama’s promise to reduce the deficit, the Congressional Budget Office (CBO) estimates that ObamaCare will increase the federal deficit by $260 billion through 2019.

4. "Islamic Group Places $2.2 Million Bounty on Head of Koran-burning Florida Pastor" Remember when this was such a big deal that the President and General Petraeus had to weigh in? Apparently doing the same thing at a different time just wasn't quite as significant -- except to Islamic fanatics of course.

Representative Sample: No sooner had Jones fired up his Bic than an Islamic “court” in Pakistan found him guilty of the crime of desecrating the religion’s most holy book. The court then issued a fatwa—loosely translated as “death order—against him, as is their wont.

5. "Not Dead Yet: Predictions of Religion’s Extinction Miss the Mark" I agree. Religion isn't going away.

Representative Sample: As long as human nature persists, man will be wrestling with God. In other words, religion is a permanent feature of the human race.

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