Friday, March 11, 2011

HOT5 Daily 3/11/2011

1. "Yes, CAIR's Terrorist Ties Are Real" I just linked this same writer, but this is a point worth noting.

Representative Sample: CAIR's sympathy for terrorists, and its ties to them, are extensive, well-documented, and yes, they have resulted in charges (and convictions). In 2004, when CAIR tried to bully David Frum and the National Post, among others in Canada and the US, into ignoring this, Frum threw the stubborn facts back at them

2. "There Will Be No Uprising in Saudi Arabia" Sounds like wishful thinking considering the source, but let's hope he's right. Gas is already way too expensive.

Representative Sample: This fact has led some pundits to the conclusion that the kingdom has only temporarily muffled the latent discontent of its people and that ultimately the domino of dissatisfaction and regime change will fall in Riyadh. These analysts, however, are highly likely to be proved wrong, as they fundamentally misunderstand the unique strengths of the Saudi monarchy and the current system of governance.

3. "Example of Liberal Civility" Remember when leftists were hysterical about a completely imaginary connection between a Sarah Palin political map and the Tuscon shooter?

Representative Sample: Numerous examples of ‘liberal civility’ can be seen in events across the country, especially in places such as Columbus, OH. Physical altercations, breaking into government buildings, and posters comparing Republicans to Hitler are pretty common. And that is some of the more mundane stuff.

4. "WaPo: Meet the Radicalized Muslim American Leaders of al Qaeda" But we shouldn't hold hearings on it because it might hurt the tender feelings of some Muslims.

Representative Sample: He doesn't even mention al Qaeda in the Arabian Peninsula's chief of English language propaganda, Charlotte's Samir Khan. Nor does he talk about al Qaeda central's head of propaganda, Orange County, California's Adam Gadahn. Or David Headley, the Chicago man who helped plan the Mumbai massacre for Lashkar e Toiba.

5. "Rep. Keith Ellison’s Bigotry" I'd call it stupidity rather than bigotry, but otherwise a good response to Ellison's ridiculous whining.

Representative Sample: The congressman told a teachable story this morning. One problem: It’s untrue.

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