Tuesday, March 22, 2011

HOT5 Daily 3/22/2011

1. "The White House's three worst assumptions on Libya" It's hard to narrow it down to three.

Representative Sample: I hope they will reflect on some of their strategic and policy assumptions that preceded the Libya crisis. Three assumptions in particular stand out, each of which the White House appeared to embrace in its first two years, and each of which is flawed. These mistaken assumptions are:

2. "Obama’s Surge in Foreign Oil Dependence Program" It may not be the goal, but it's the result.

Representative Sample:the high gas prices you see now are only the beginning until we get near the election. Then Obama will promise once again to lower them- probably in the same manner as he promises to cut the deficit, i.e. quadruple it and then promise to cut it in half. And we see how our dependence on foreign oil is reduced by shifting from one vendor an-………….never mind.

3. "Fuel From Bacteria" An informative article on this type of potential bio-fuel.

Representative Sample: With genetic engineering technology we have also created a fourth category of bacteria – those that can be used as microscopic factories. For years we have been using bacteria to cheaply manufacture drugs and other compounds.

4. "How Political Lies Spread On The Left" Debunking recent ridiculous left-wing propaganda.

Representative Sample: That’s a lot of left wing blogs from Marxist ones to ‘moderate left ones. One interesting thing is that they repeat the same story – like, literally cut and pasted. That’s what I would call ‘lockstep liberalism’ but it’s gone beyond that to mindless copycat liberalism.

5. "Priorities: Celebs Speak Out in Support of Accused American Traitor" If there's a traitor or other enemy of the U.S. out there, there's a leftist who views him as a hero.

Representative Sample: With all the tragedy in the world today, all the righteous causes that could use a little burst of stardom, what does the following reveal about these celebs?

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