Tuesday, March 1, 2011

HOT5 Daily 3/1/2011

1. "About That Old Conventional Wisdom" A rare positive outlook on the war in Afghanistan.

Representative Sample: war is organized violence. Force is ineffective when it has no real strategy behind it. That is just violence and better described as a spasm of violence rather than a use of force. Lately, our enemies have been far more guilty of pointless violence.

2. "Atheism and Leibniz" Something to think about.

Representative Sample: Aquinas’s Third Way and Leibniz’s Sufficient Reason Argument are much deeper arguments. Theists and atheists both ought to study them carefully. Leibniz’s Sufficient Reason Argument is especially interesting.

3. "Study: Conservative Candidates Are Better Looking" A good response to the liberal spin about this recent study.

Representative Sample: Those in the Party of Government prosper by networking with bureaucrats and essentially winning a secret poll of insiders with a vested interest in seeing the Party of Government prosper-- that is, the Party of Government chooses its nominees based less on public acclaim and more in insider-agreements, with unions and bureaucrats, which are never made public.

4. "Truth vs. truth" I recently linked an earlier post in this series. This one expands on it.

Representative Sample: This post combines my two posts: a) Types of Truth and b) Owning Truth. Hopefully this page illustrates the usefulness of breaking down the abstraction of Truth with a capital “T” ( “cap-T Truth”) into various domains of “small-t truths”. Identifying small-t truths is especially useful during a discussion where a person refers to some mystical overarching cap-T Truth.

5. "An Alternative to Coexisting?" I like it.

Representative Sample: It's a graphic.

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