Wednesday, March 2, 2011

HOT5 Daily 3/2/2011

1. "Things People Believe That Make No Sense" That's a gigantic category.

Representative Sample: You often hear people say that one of the main reasons for health care inflation is the cost of all the new technology. But can you name any other industries that compete in free markets where technology introductions have caused inflation rates to run at double the general rate of inflation?

2. "Rejecting the No-Fly Option" A look at what is entailed in setting up a no-fly zone and why we aren't thrilled about establishing one in Libya.

Representative Sample: Without American support--and resources--the proposed no-fly zone is a non-starter. While Britain and France have their own fighter aircraft and AWACS platforms, they would be hard-pressed to sustain 24-hour coverage.

3. "Look who plays Jesus politics" The religious left, whining about necessary budget cuts.

Representative Sample: So we have the liberal Christians weighing in on budget cuts and melodramatically asking: What Would Jesus Cut?

4. "Israeli Merkava Mk4 First Successful Engagement with Trophy APS" Active defense destroys incoming RPG in actual combat.

Representative Sample: After the deployment of Merkava Mk 4 tanks equipped with Trophy (ASPRO-A) Active Protection Systems (APS) along the Gaza border in November 2010, battle-testing the system was only a matter of time.

5. "The Very [Religiously] Compelling Argument For Zeus" Makes at least as much sense as most religious arguments.

Representative Sample: Zeus is a god you can see and hear. The next time there’s a storm, just look outside your window. Can you explain lightning? Not even the experts can, and if you show me one who claims to, I will call him a vicious liar and an ivory-tower egghead with an anti-Zeus agenda. I’ll do it, I swear to Zeus.

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