Saturday, March 12, 2011

Leftist Finally Notices that Barack Obama is a Weak Leader

I was skimming some left-wing blogs for amusement and came across a post called, "A weak President," by Mark Kleiman of the laughably-named "The Reality-Based Community." Anyone paying attention has known for years now that Barack Obama is a weak leader, but Kleiman appears to have just figured it out. Not only that, but he employs the worst comparison possible in the world of BDS sufferers, linking Obama's behavior to that of the great Satan himself, George W. Bush.

Barack Obama sounds completely clueless. Clueless at the Bush level
. What is it that has Kleiman so riled up? Is it Obama's utter cluelessness on foreign policy, or some other major failing? Oh no. It's that Obama takes no responsibility for the treatment of the left's favorite traitor, Bradley Manning.

In left-wing world making a traitor -- oops, I mean great hero of the people -- sleep naked equates to "torture." Never mind that there appear to be valid reasons for Manning's treatment routine, since Obama is going along with it, that makes him ok with torture. And if he's allowing torture, then he equals Bush. That's what passes for reality in the "reality-based community."


  1. I don't even know where to start...

    Do you think most liberals actually like Obama? I haven't even personally met anyone who voted for him and likes the job he's doing, though I can't deny their point that we would be worse off with McCain. I didn't vote for Obama because it was clear even during the campaign that he is was nothing but a moderate conservative, and I'm not alone on the left in that assessment.

    That point aside... you are human scum for calling a hero like Manning a traitor. There is nothing but honor in revealing the truth, and you are mad if you believe in suppressing knowledge of abuse (though something tells me you're inhuman enough to go so far as to love the abuse itself).

    Were you dropped on your head as a baby? I'm not trying to insult you, I'm just genuinely curious if there is some medical explanation for your views.

  2. I saw that "Reality Based" blog post yesterday, too. I thought it was going to be some kind of long-overdue, profound observation from the left. Then I realized the guy is just annoyed because Obama was appropriately cagey with the media about the treatment of a suspected traitor. I was actually reassured by that, as any loyal American with even a slight understanding of foreign policy should be.

    Oh, and careful of things that go "Ginx" in the night. ;)

  3. Bret,

    "Do you think most liberals actually like Obama?"

    It depends how far to the left they are. The mainstream left is generally favorable to Obama, yes. The fringe left, and even the hardcore base of the Democratic party have a lot of problems with him.

    " he is was nothing but a moderate conservative"

    That's pretty funny.

    "That point aside... you are human scum for calling a hero like Manning a traitor. "

    Thanks for serving as an example of the treason-supporting left. Manning was a serving member of the military who deliberately gave large amounts of classified information to a hostile organization. As I've written about before, the full extent of the damage inflicted on the country by that publication is incalcuable.

    He's a traitor in every sense of the word and deserves whatever he has coming to him. It's just too bad we don't execute traitors anymore.

    "I'm just genuinely curious if there is some medical explanation for your views."

    My views on Manning are pretty much mainstream opinion on the right -- although there are some who do take issue with his treatment in prison. The reason he's looked upon as a traitor is because his actions fit the general description of treason. I know that's too much logical reasoning to ask of someone who seriously believes that Obama is a "moderate conservative."


    Although he's tried to minimize it, Obama knows how much damage Manning's treason inflicted. Plus I think he's naturally cautious about trying to interfere with how the military treats one of its own criminals.

    "Oh, and careful of things that go "Ginx" in the night. ;)"

    I consider him entertainment value and a good example of just how laughable much of the left really is. At least he made an argument that addressed the post directly. Sure there were the usual personal attacks, but at least there was no ridiculously bad analogy this time.