Monday, March 7, 2011

HOT5 Daily 3/7/2011

1. "Reasons why the Talibanization of the Middle East may not be a Bad Thing" Some possible causes for optimisim even if your outlook is pessimistic.

Representative Sample: When catching their child smoking, some parents have been known to force him to smoke an entire pack of cigarettes. And possibly the best way to cure the Muslim world of a hankering for an Islamic republic is to actually force them to live under one.

2. "Barack Obama and the Cavalcade of Naivete" All too true.

Representative Sample: while giving lip service to the idea that it's a "dangerous time," Obama never points to what the dangers are because, frankly, he has no idea. All the points he makes about these changes are positive, cheerleading.

3. "Has life been found in a meteorite?" In case you missed the alien life story.

Representative Sample: my own reaction is one of extreme skepticism. As it should be! All things being equal, I would take news like this with a very large grain of salt, and want a whole lot of outside expert analysis; I’d like to see other biologists examining the original meteorite, too.

4. "For those who still believe in the efficacy of government" We call them "Democrats."

Representative Sample: Here are some stories to open the eyes of even the most naive observer about the inefficiencies and structural problems of government

5. "Egypt Quietly Invades Libya" Apparently commandos from various countries are now in Libya, including some from Egypt.

Representative Sample: The Egyptian commandos come from Unit 777, a force that was established in the late 1970s, but underwent some ups and downs in the next two decades before achieving its current form. Today, the 250-300 -man Unit 777 is a significantly improved force.

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