Thursday, April 30, 2009

Government Attack on Online Gambling

The state government of Minnesota is trying to use a federal law to block online gambling sites.
The state's Department of Public Safety said Wednesday it had asked 11 Internet service providers to block access to 200 online gambling sites.

The state is citing a federal law that requires "common carriers," a term that mainly applies to phone companies, to comply with requests that they block telecommunications services used for gambling.
Why is Minnesota trying to censor the internet? Does the state see gambling as a serious problem that they need to combat? Of course not. So why are they attempting a "novel tactic" of reinterpreting an existing law in order to try to block adults from playing poker and other games online? Why do they want to impose an unnecessary restriction on personal freedom? Like most states, Minnesota isn't opposed to gambling -- far from it. In fact, they love gambling. But they only love it if the government can control it, and get its greedy hands on a big chunk of the money.


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