Monday, April 13, 2009

HOT5 Daily 4/13/2009

1. "David Kilcullen: Pakistan is in danger of collapse within months"  I'm skeptical of these sorts of predictions, but Pakistan is certainly a mess.

Representative Sample: Pakistan truly is one of the most troubled countries in the world. It is not merely in danger of collapsing - and it has been like this for years - but it could very well destabilize the entire region.

2. "Navy must fight piracy or die" A call for the navy to be more responsive to the smaller, more common threats, like piracy.

Representative Sample: The US Navy is in a bad way these days. Though still the world’s most powerful on the open ocean, she has trouble dealing with these most minor of threats on the high seas, from pirates in speed boats to pirates in dinghy’s(?).

3. "Twenty Things That Should Be True:" Humorous list.

Representative Sample: 10. Marketing will soon cease to become a viable profession and products and services will be bought and sold based entirely on their true value.

4. "Aunt Murders Toddler; Islam Insulted by Booking Photo" Is there anything that can't cause offense to Muslims? I'll bet posts about Muslims being offended offend some Muslims.

Representative Sample: Sue, by all means. With a little luck the Hadids will run into a jury with the courage to remind him that that he’s not living in his culture any longer and murderers are in fact booked and photographed according to standard police procedures

5. "Waking the Baby Mammoth - a Tale of Science Bringing the Past to Life" Interesting article about upcoming National Geographic program.

Representative Sample: one of the most fascinating aspects of this program is its focus on the one man and his strange culture (from an American perspective) that led to the discovery of one of the most important findings in mammoth biology.

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