Thursday, April 9, 2009

HOT5 Daily 4/9/2009

1. "Now for the hard part...."  10 Difficult situations facing President Obama.

Representative Sample: 6. When the bailouts only go so far... What will happen when it is clear that GM can't be saved in its present form and the resulting dislocation will knock tens of thousands of people out of work?

2. "JOURNAL: Whither Conventional Military Force?" A good summary of one of the main arguments in favoring of eliminating some expensive weapon systems.

Representative Sample: Peer competitors are, nearly by definition, nuclear powers. We have never had a "hot" conventional conflict with a country armed with nuclear weapons.

3. "Godless liberals & religious conservatives, the numbers recapped"An interesting chart of the correlations between belief in God and political viewpoint.

Representative Sample: the more secular you are the more liberal you are, but most secular people are not liberal. Similarly, liberals tend to be more secular, but most liberals are not secular.

4. "Look to Brasilia, Not Beijing" The rise of a new bloc of powers? Links to a WSJ article.

Representative Sample: a more compelling challenge to the current world order may be emerging from an unlikely trio of countries that boast both impeccable democratic credentials and serious global throw weight.

5. "William Lane Craig vs. Christopher Hitchens: First Report"A detailed review of their recent debate on the existence of God.

Representative Sample: The most noteworthy difference between these debaters consists in this: preparation. One may agree or disagree with Bill Craig’s claims, but there can be no question that he was thoroughly prepared

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