Sunday, April 19, 2009

HOT5 Daily 4/19/2009


Representative Sample: American society has moved on — culturally as well as legally — from traditionally defined “marriage” and has embraced different ways people choose to live and love.

2. "Is the world out of balance?" Depends on how you define balance. Interesting article.

Representative Sample: Has American international primacy taken a shattering hit, or is this merely a minor downturn? After all, other potential competitors have been hurt just as badly

3. "Leftwing extremism, rightwing extremism, and why all the rhetoric matters..." A look at the DHS extremism reports from a libertarian perspective.

Representative Sample: there are two DHS reports that have been leaked to the wider world: one on rightwing extremism (dated 7 April 2009 and leaked the following week) and one on leftwing extremism (dated 26 January 2009 and not leaked until the other one had caused such a furor).

4. "Obama To Israel: This Way To The Trains"Title is over-the-top, but a good post about what U.S.-Israel relations are looking like under Obama.

Representative Sample: Israel is sitting in Obama's waiting room with England, France and other one time American allies who Obama is also too busy to see since he is busy making overtures to America's enemies like North Korea, Iran and Venezuela.

5. "The Future of the United States Military" Links to an interesting article on the subject.

Representative Sample: "Unmanned drones, lightly manned arsenal ships capable of operating in lit-toral waters, and special-ops forces would be better suited to fighting the asymmetrical conflicts against irregular forces that would be the hallmark of future warfare, went the thinking.

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