Wednesday, April 29, 2009

HOT5 Daily 4/29/2009

1. "The Pandemic of Liberalitis" Pretty entertaining.

Representative Sample: Only when presented with a teleprompter, was the subject able to enunciate a lucid thought, and the subject appeared to calm somewhat. This condition is still being evaluated at this time, as the subject has sealed himself in a pod where the metamorphosis will be completed.

2. "Why do we allow politicians to collude against the people?" Good question.

Representative Sample: We have a crisis of political collusion. Just as Adam Smith (and Public Choice Theory) predicted, our politicians create legislation, rules and processes that amount to a conspiracy to protect themselves. They collude against the public.

3. "The Principled Belief in Maintaining Vast Personal Power" A short, dead-on assessment of Specter -- from the left.

Representative Sample:What principle is that, exactly?

4. "Fix Pakistan, Tie Strings to Aid" How about we come up with an actual coherent strategy before dumping more money down the Pakistan hole?

Representative Sample: America’s national security interests lie fundamentally in Pakistan, not in Afghanistan, and the United States needs a strategy beyond throwing money at the Pakistanis

5. "Give me the child and I'll give you the adult" When do people decide on their faith or lack thereof?

Representative Sample: The Pew Research Center has a new survey out today looking into the reasons Americans give for switching in and out of religion (and between sects).

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