Monday, April 20, 2009

HOT5 Daily 4/20/2009

1. "Enough With the Torture Sanctimony" Includes suggestions for some new torture techniques.

Representative Sample: Telephoning Subjects are given rotary dial telephones and told that they will be released if they call a certain number and follow the prompts, which will instruct them to “press” various numbers

2. "This is energy independence?" Not possible because of environmentalists.

Representative Sample: As expected the enviro-weenies block the only 2 options for more energy creation - no more drilling, no nukes. If they have their way - we would be left with reducing demand.

3. "Liberal Democrat Jobs Program - Example Of Wasted Money, No Jobs For America" Not at all surprising.

Representative Sample: a liberal Democrat Congressman by the name Jack Murtha has been wasting our hard earned tax money on an airport with his name on it

4. "Remembering the demonization of Bush " How could we possibly forget, since it is still ongoing?

Representative Sample:It will be difficult, even if still possible, for right-wing attacks on Barack Obama to exceed those of the left on Bush for tastelessness, shrillness, and sheer unhinged insanity.

5. "What President Obama Won't Admit About His So-Called "Torture" Policy" What would Obama do with captured terrorist leaders?

Representative Sample:President Obama, according to his announced policy, would have taken his chances with American lives.  Fortunately, President Obama wasn't in office on 9/11.

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