Tuesday, April 21, 2009

HOT5 Daily 4/21/2009

1. "Dunk 'em again!" Encapsulates perfectly how many on the right feel about all the whining over the poor terrorists who were waterboarded . Our hearts don't bleed for KSM and our other enemies.

Representative Sample: Who could possibly give a crap about the "rights" of terrorist scumbags like Abu Zubaydah and Khalid Shaikh Mohammed? Their "rights" would not have been infringed if they had gotten a 9mm slug through their skulls

2. "The Left Got Their Wish And Are In Power So…..Why Are They Still So Hostile?" I'd guess its because their utopian views clash so often with reality. That produces frustration and anger.

Representative Sample: The left is used to being angry. They’re good at it. Being winners for a change hasn’t seemed to have affected that mind set. If anything, it seems to have made it worse. When you can’t win an argument with reason, just try yelling louder than the other guy. 

3. "When the left are left in charge of education" Examples from Britain.

Representative Sample: Pupils at struggling comprehensives are getting such low grades they are simply not equipped for degree-level studies, it revealed. It was one of three studies published yesterday which together painted a picture of a 'lost generation' betrayed by Labour.

4. "Scott Pruett's 10 Questions for Atheists: Part 1" One atheist answers a theist's questions.

Representative Sample: If we had settled for the comforting falsehoods of religious explanations we - and Pruett himself - would have know far less about the origins and order of the universe and abiogenesis. It was only by questioning and rejecting those comforting explanations and seeking the truth in answers in nature that we now know what we know.

5. "Why Do Progressives Love Trains?" Interesting question.

Representative Sample: What are progressives thinking? If I prefer automobile transportation to taking a train, they condemn me for my greed. Their preference for taxing people and pouring the money into economically wasteful expenditures for rail facilities, however, they laud as the very heart and soul of public-spiritedness.

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