Wednesday, April 15, 2009

HOT5 Daily 4/15/2009

1. "New atheism: peaceful co-existence is not relativism"  Atheism doesn't have to be anti-religious.

Representative Sample: The atheists who stomp around the place trying to convert, embarrass or humiliate anyone who holds religious faith simply do more harm than good, both to atheism and the world at large.

2. "Andrew Sullivan is No Conservative" No kidding -- unless conservative means liberal who sort of used to be somewhat conservative.

Representative Sample: Andrew Sullivan continues to claim he is conservative time and again (and of course, he is not), and then he has readers who send him e-mails declaiming anything to do with what are basic conservative views

3. "Top Five Ways To Intimidate Other Drivers" With pictures. I like #4. 

Representative Sample: 5. Bullet holes. Nothing says you mean business like bullet holes. Before leaving on your commute, shoot 20 or more holes through non-critical areas of your car.

4. "A Duty to Rescue?" The people who did nothing are scum, but I think the judge was correct.

Representative Sample: A Queens judge has thrown out a suit against the MTA and two of its employees filed by a woman who was raped on the platform of the G train's 21st Street stop

5. "Stinque Zombie Bible" This was too irresistible not to link.

Representative Sample: Trust me, I'd still be attending Sunday School if this was the bible they were teaching from.

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