Wednesday, April 22, 2009

HOT5 Daily 4/22/2009

1. "I'll see your 183 waterboardings and raise you an Iron Maiden..." An interesting perspective.

Representative Sample: I just assumed that torture, with few limits, has gone on, is going on, and will continue to go on in the shadows at the Jack Bauer level of day-to-day international intrigue. And I don't just mean rendition subterfuge. Official conduct statements and rules always struck me as enforced and enforceable as jaywalking laws.

2. "Decriminalising Heroin?" Some results from Portugal.

Representative Sample: On July 1, 2001, a nationwide law in Portugal took effect that decriminalized all drugs, including cocaine and heroin. Under the new legal framework, all drugs were “decriminalized,” not “legalized.”

3. "JOURNAL: The Next Attack" Coming by way of Somalia?

Representative Sample: The attack, if it does come, will likely be suicide bombers (inexpensive wetware that is employed as terminal guidance systems for explosives) that detonate their packages in crowded commercial areas or Mumbai/Kabul style rampages/hostage take overs.

4. "Why the Islamic world is so left behind the rest of the world?" References an article by a Pakistani scientist.

Representative Sample: The Islamic member states of OIC have 8.5 scientists, engineers or technicians to every 1000 members of population when the world average is over four times higher in 40,7 and in OECD-countries in quite different league in 139.3.

5. "Power Stations in Space: California Caught On" Supposedly scheduled for 2016.

Representative Sample: I first read a serious proposal for constructing solar-powered generating stations in space, beaming the power to Earth as microwaves, in the mid-seventies. The engineering was straight-forward enough, pickup antennas on Earth would be effectively transparent: networks of wires which could be set over cropland, or low-rise urban areas, for that matter..

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