Tuesday, April 14, 2009

There Better Be Conditions

The Hill reports that Pakistan told Senator John Kerry, who is currently visiting the country, that the U.S. should "attach no conditions to the 7.5 billion in aid proposed by President Obama." Here's a quote from the Pakistani prime minister:
The U.S. should not attach conditionalities to the assistance package being presented to the U.S. Congress, as aid with strings attached would fail to generate the desired goodwill and results in Pakistan," Gilani, adding there was a "trust deficit" between the U.S. and Pakistan
The U.S. is actually considering a gigantic aid package for Pakistan, a highly dubious proposition in the first place, and their leader is making demands and accusing the U.S. of creating a "trust deficit." What is wrong with this picture? Hopefully Congress will carefully scrutinize that aid package, pare it down, and attach all sorts of conditions. Pakistan is hardly in a position to be demanding no-strings attached aid from the U.S.

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