Sunday, April 26, 2009

HOT5 Daily 4/26/2009

1. "At last: Democrat-approved interrogation methods" Complete with helpful illustrations.

Representative Sample: The following MAITS (or "mildly annoying interrogation techniques") have been approved by Democrats until its practitioners are prosecuted. Read it and weep, neocons

2. "Revenge of the roader: Chinese atheists are reactionary" Interesting article about the correlation between atheism and social & political views.

Representative Sample: One of the major problems in most societies, subject to "great sorts" of various kinds, is the fact that people observe correlations of attitudes & beliefs, and infer from those necessary relations.

3. "President Obama’s War" Putting U.S. interests first?

Representative Sample: Today’s Democrats are forever worrying about “America’s image in the world.” That’s a lovely notion in peacetime but it’s dangerous in wartime. Worrying about “America’s image in the world” potentially gets in the way of national security

4. "THE COMING BATTLE FOR AFRICA" China, the U.S. & private military corporations in Africa.

Representative Sample: As the war in Iraq winds down, more US PMCs are vying for a stake in ACOTA/AFRICOM. Whereas there is nothing wrong with such a shift in business development, the problem arises when some of these PMCs have no knowledge or experience of the continent.

5. "100 Days, 100 Mistakes" Link to a NY Post article listing many Obama mistakes.

Representative Sample: Repeated picking cabinet choices who don’t pay their taxes (accounts for about 5 mistakes) Daschle, Geitner, Sebelius and others

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