Thursday, April 30, 2009

HOT5 Daily 4/30/2009

1. "Walt and J Street: Together Again" I was going to respond to Walt's article, but Tobin did it for me.

Representative Sample: Walt who poses as “a realist in an ideological age” uses the occasion of Israel’s 61st birthday to call that nation’s democratically elected prime minister a “traitor” to the Jewish state. If you don’t get the joke, well, join the club.

2. "Thought Crimes Bill Expected to Pass House" More unnecessary legislation.

Representative Sample: these laws discriminate based on the un-provable, specifically the perpetrator’s state of mind. In many cases it’s not possible to know the killer’s true motive beyond a reasonable doubt. Is this to be left to jurors?

3. "The Muslim Dark Ages" Will we have one? Some interesting speculation.

Representative Sample: I’d say we’re headed for another dark age. And it has nothing to do with evidence, education, intelligence, or anything that should control the future of the planet. No, the second dark age will be a simple consequence of demographics.

4. "A Secular Case Against Gay Marriage?" A really weak one. This post takes it apart, point by point.

Representative Sample: Bradlaugh at Secular Right has weighed in with a six-part secular case against gay marriage. I consider each six with all the gravity they deserve, which is to say, fair to middling

5. "US-Funded Racist Apartheid Government Will Execute Man Who Sold Land To Enemy Religion" That would be the Palestinian Authority.

Representative Sample: the US is "the single largest national donor to the Palestinian people." And while it's true that a lot of it ends up in Hamas's coffers via USAID and UNRWA, isn't it nice to know that some of it is getting to these pathological West Bank bigots

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