Tuesday, April 28, 2009

HOT5 Daily 4/28/2009

1. "The surprise winners and losers of Barack Obama's first 100 days" Covers almost everything.

Representative Sample: When it comes to America's financial capital, the surprise winners are the members of last fall's critical list: Goldman, JP, Citi and B of A, mostly thanks to the world's first organ donations from live, un-anesthetized patients (us).

2. "Regarding Those Claims About WWII Waterboarding" Torture opponents using even more misleading analogy than it appears at first glance. 

Representative Sample:There were 5 cases where Japanese citizens (one was a Japanese civilian) were prosecuted for torture that INCLUDED as part of the torture charges "water torture." The first problem is they were also charged with much worse things along with "water torture." The second is that the "water torture" that took place then is not the same as CIA "waterboarding."

3. "Atheists for Common Cause With the Religious On Evolution"A defense of accommodationism.

Representative Sample: there is no necessary conflict between faith and science is an empirical matter: There are a vast number of different religions traditions in the world, and a still more vast number of ways in which different people profess and live out their faiths.

4. "The Terrible Scourge of Afghanistan’s Unpunished Rapes" Our ally in action.

Representative Sample: Every single agency that monitors, or more accurately attempts to monitor this issue estimates the real number of cases is in the thousands. It is one of several factors driving the disturbing rise of self-immolation among women who feel their best option is committing suicide through lighting themselves on fire.

5. "Would a Taliban Regime Bring a Truly Different Pakistan?" Yes. Informative & interesting article.

Representative Sample: A lot of Pakistanis are terrified because they can’t count on the military to protect them, so they must make a decision on survival.

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