Sunday, April 19, 2009

Icelanders Agnostic on Elves

According to one set of statistics, the population of Iceland is 16-23% atheist, (compared to 3-9% in the U.S.).  But when it comes to elves Icelanders are agnostics.
A 2007 University of Iceland poll found that, while few people will go on the record to say they believe in elves, 54 percent of the Icelandic population will not deny that they exist.
What about gnomes? Every one always forgets about gnomes. They are just not as glamorous as elves. It would be interesting to poll different countries and find out which mythical creatures have the most people who believe in them.


  1. The Icelandic must be a holy people. Why, just look at the barren unappealing landscape! And still people doubt the word of Frodo. Looks like we're hankering for a reckoning.

    PS - Do you mind if I base a post around the Icelanders and their elves?

  2. Feel free. I don't own the Icelander elves story.

  3. Well, of course gnomes exist. Duh!