Monday, April 27, 2009

Tamil Tigers in Desperate Straits

After having a unilateral ceasefire rejected by Sri Lanka, the Tamil Tigers only hope appears to be international intervention. They released a statement saying in part,
"We are in full agreement that the humanitarian crisis can only be overcome by declaration of an immediate ceasefire. As the first step we have now announced this unilateral ceasefire and call upon the international community to pressure the Sri Lankan government to reciprocate it."
Since the Tigers have never had the slightest concern with humanitarian issues before, this is clearly a cynical attempt to stave off final defeat. For some reason the U.S. joined other nations in urging a stop to hostilities, suggested that the Tigers surrender to an unspecified "neutral third party," and advocated that Sri Lanka offer them amnesty. Why would Sri Lanka agree to any of that? How is this war any business of the U.S., Europe, Norway or Japan, the countries giving unwanted advice? Sri Lanka has fought a long war against the Tamil Tigers, and final victory now appears in sight. Why is the U.S. lending any weight to the Tigers' attempt to save themselves? We've defined them as a terrorist organization since 1997.

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