Friday, April 24, 2009

HOT5 Daily 4/24/2009

1. "The End of the Third American Republic" Discusses and links an interesting article.

Representative Sample: our current governmental system is on the crux of collapse and will be replaced in the relatively near future by another form of democratic government, still rooted in the Constitution, yet operating fundamentally differently from the way it does today.

2. "How afraid should we be?" Things to consider about a possible terrorist attack.

Representative Sample: there are a lot of people doing disaster prep, and I’ll leave the technical details to them. However, there is one point that might be overlooked that must not be. And that is, we cannot let ourselves be frightened into doing the terrorists’ job for them

3. "The Limits of Terrorism" How effective is terrorism at accomplishing its greater goals?

Representative Sample: 28 groups had 42 different political goals and that they achieved only 3 of those goals, for a measly 7 percent success rate.

4. "Military thinking WAY outside the box" Extreme military weirdness. 

Representative Sample: Psychic spies, special forces Jedi warriors, astral warfare with Noriega, and the threat of invasion by pregnant martians. That is just a sample of the kind of crazy

5. "India, Israel to Jointly Develop Medium-Range Air Defense Missile" Major defense deal between the two countries.

Representative Sample: Israel will provide a new air defence system at a whopping sum of $1.4 billion. India and Israel agreed to jointly develop a new long range, land-based air defense system to replace the aging Pechora (SA-3 GOA) missiles currently in service with the Indian Air Force.

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