Thursday, April 16, 2009

HOT5 Daily 4/16/2009

1. "Faith and Reason" Is it rational to consider faith a virtue?

Representative Sample: suppose I tell you that I have faith in my auto mechanic, but then you discover that the guy knows nothing about cars, can never get one fixed, and on top of that charges me thousands of dollars every time I see him.

2. "First, They Went After …" The search for right-wing extremists.

Representative Sample: they went after the radicalized rightwing extremists and disgruntled military veterans. I thought about that for a minute, and thought, hey, they’re being vague enough about that, they could be talking about me or a bunch of my pals. All their pals sure call us rightwing extremists a lot.

3. "spiritual, but not religious" Did you know religious teaching is ok in public schools as long as you don't call it religion?

Representative Sample: It may seem harsh of me, I know, to dismiss such scientifically-valid concepts as “spiritual power” (which I’m pretty sure is “spiritual work divided by spiritual time”) and “inner light” (which is made up of “inner photons” that sometimes behave like “inner particles” and other times behave like “inner waves”) as religious.

4. "Ron Paul's piracy plan: free for all" Everyone has an opinion about countering piracy.  Here's Ron Paul's.

Representative Sample: The long-dead U.S. foreign policy tool, allows the government to write letters granting private citizens the authority to go after fugitives or others who do them offense. If applicable, the citizens could then collect government-issued bounty for their good work.

5. "Ten Myths on Tax Policy." An interesting list.

Representative Sample: 1. You aren't legally required to pay the federal income tax (for whatever reason, such as 16th Amendment was never ratified)

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