Friday, April 17, 2009

HOT5 Daily 4/17/2009

1. "Blackbeard the Pirate-The Root Causes" Blackbeard in today's world

Representative Sample: Blackbeard and his ship were attacked by a mercenary crew led by the CIA on the coast of North Carolina. Popular history records that Blackbeard was killed in this battle, but such was not the case.

2. "Who is Deterred?" I'm for deterring Iran as the only realistic option, but this post points out some of the problems.

Representative Sample:Some who argue we should learn to live with the Iranian bomb say we can deter Iran. Iran, the theory goes, isn't nuts and if they nuked us we'd nuke them back.

3. "We’ve Only Just Begun…"Superstition has defined our views for most of human history.

Representative Sample:Holy books reflect the society that gave birth to them. None of them clearly and without requiring convoluted interpretation state anything that was not already known in that time and part of the world.

4. "Fast Food & Happiness" Fast food makes kids fat and happy.

Representative Sample: It would seem a tax on fast food is yet another tax on happiness.

5. "Which Would Best Protect Your Daughter’s Health?" Two good graphics.

Representative Sample: They are graphics.

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