Saturday, April 25, 2009

HOT5 Daily 4/25/2009

1. "Torture Prosecutions--Let Sleeping Dogs Lie" Some good reasons for just letting it go.

Representative Sample: I don't think we, as a nation, are in a position to have this debate and prosecution in a fair and unbiased fashion. I think Obama knows this is true, and he isn't prepared to go all in on this issue.

2. "ANZAC Day" Today is ANZAC Day.

Representative Sample: honor America's most loyal ally. (They even fought in Vietnam, for goodness sake.)

3. "How Do Our Allies Deal With Torture?" Evidence indicates mixed results in Israel & the UK.

Representative Sample: In practice, however, this has not prevented widespread use of the prohibited "torture lite" interrogation techniques such as stress positions, sleep deprivation, violent shaking, and hooding.

4. "The problem with Republicans" Some good ideas.

Representative Sample: We also have to work to reignite public pride in our strengths, not our weaknesses. Democrats appeal to the worst that is in us -- greed, victim-hood, dependency. Republicans appeal to the best that is in us -- personal responsibility, hard work, accomplishment.

5. "The Color of Energy is Black, not Green" Facing reality on energy.

Representative Sample: It’s fine to talk about wind and solar as supplemental energy sources. In this context it makes sense to invest in them, but strategically, not as an all-in plan to replace the fossil-fuel-driven electric grid. 

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