Thursday, April 2, 2009

HOT5 Daily 4/2/2009

1. "Arabs, Israelis, and Underdogs"  Interesting article on how maps can affect public opinion on Middle East issues.

Representative Sample: This shift in size implies a shift in underdog status; whereas Israel's weak-actor status once came through clearly, the Palestinians have now usurped that position, with all its attendant benefits.

2. "Global expert advises, Don't use the term "Freedom" around Muslims" Hopefully some pro-freedom Muslims will speak out against this sort of condescending nonsense.

Representative Sample: when dealing with Muslims,  it's better not to talk of Western concepts like liberty and democracy. If Westerners use these sorts of words in conversation or diplomatic dealings, it's likely to cause offense.

3. "Robotic Reconnaissance On The High Seas"  UAVs are just amazingly useful for all sorts of things.

Representative Sample: UAVs used for maritime search are much cheaper, can stay in the air longer and can even carry weapons (one or two Hellfire missiles). The operators are ashore, and can work in shifts

4. "Humiliation: Taliban Scoff at Hillary's 'Honorable Reconciliation' and Call It a 'Lunatic Idea'" This from murderous lunatics who think killing homosexuals, blowing up schools for girls and banning music are good ideas. 

Representative Sample: There can be no reconciliation with these animals. The sooner Mrs. Clinton and Obama get this into their heads the better. Sadly, I doubt they'll ever be able to come to grips with this glaringly obvious reality.

5. "Not an April Fool’s Joke" Anyone who knows who Radley Balko is will appreciate this post.

Representative Sample: It was a little unnerving, given what I do for a living. And that it happened today, of all days. But I really have no complaints about how they handled the situation.

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