Sunday, April 5, 2009

HOT5 Daily 4/5/2009

1. "Cap & Tax Dies, Taxpayers Rejoice"  Dodging a bullet.

Representative Sample: millions of taxpayers are rejoicing. Had it passed, cap and tax would’ve affected anyone who heated their home, ran an air conditioner, filled their gas tank or bought groceries.

2. "Krauthammer also blasts Obama for “Arrogant” comment" Obama trashing the country he's supposed to be leading.

Representative Sample: he calls America arrogant, dismissive and derisive regarding Europe. Um…the London Telegraph correspondent in Strasbourg said that this was the most critical remark he’d ever seen a president give on foreign soil

3. "Top ten reasons I hate media coverage of American tragedies"A good list.

Representative Sample: 6. The finger-pointing when somebody-- or, perhaps "the system"-- must be found to have been negligent.

4. "Here's an idea to deal with that expected North Korean missile launch near Japan" It already launched. But this is good advice.

Representative Sample: it's not like the Japanese haven't either (a) known this was coming for over a decade; or (b) lacked the military or industrial ability to see to their own defenses--the Japanese military has roughly 230,000 troops, 330 combat aircraft, 800 tanks, and 119 major warships.

5. "Charles Blow: Pitchforks, Pistols, and Left-Leaning Paranoia" Reacting to a particularly idiotic NYT op-ed.

Representative Sample: the Far-Left has engaged in a sort of re-branding of conservatism as an extremist and radical agenda. One wrought with authoritarianism, insanity, and an almost revolutionary zeal.

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