Tuesday, April 7, 2009

HOT5 Daily 4/7/2009

1. "So Shall it be Written, So Shall it be Done"  Pretty amusing observations about Obama's latest.

Representative Sample: if indeed we are not "at war" with anyone, according to his administration, what's the point of specifying we're not at war with Islam? Or maybe we're in an overseas contingency operation against all of Islam? It's so confusing.

2. "NATO At Sixty" Should we celebrate its anniversary by getting out of the alliance?

Representative Sample: one has to stop and consider, why exactly do we need this calcified organization that routinely slows down and imperils military operations in Afghanistan?

3. "Privatizing Marriage" Why marriage is different than Social Security. 

Representative Sample: It's quite simple. Privatizing marriage gets the state out of the business of picking favorites among the varieties of human bondings.

4. "TIGER, KING TIGER, PANTHER" Videos of all three of these WW2 tanks running. I wasn't aware that there were any in drivable condition.

Representative Sample: It's three videos.

5. "DNN: Depressing News Network" Contains link to an interesting site. 

Representative Sample: You want to feel down? Read DNN, the Depressing News Network.

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