Wednesday, April 8, 2009

HOT5 Daily 4/8/2009

1. "When Will The Europeans Apologize To Us?"  Maybe when they get around to paying all their WWI debts.

Representative Sample: Colonialism in the Middle East which resulted in absurd and artificially drawn state borders, leading to generations of ethnic/religious conflicts which we had have to deal with in places such as Iraq, Syria, Jordan and Israel.

2. "Scientists Can Be Morons Too" Especially when commenting on things outside their particular field of expertise.

Representative Sample: Folks who likely set very high standards of proof and rational thought in their own disciplines threw all such concerns out the window when talking on these public policy topics.

3. "A (Baby) Step in the Right Direction on Gambling" It's pretty bad when extorting a 105 million fine is part of a better direction.

Representative Sample: Aside from their assault on civil liberties, U.S. laws on internet gambling go against the spirit and the letter of WTO law

4. "Does Turkey Still Belong in NATO?" Good question. It has demonstrated that it can no longer be trusted as a U.S. ally. 

Representative Sample: We appear to be witnessing the emergence not of a robust NATO following the Claes-Aznar model, one leading the fight against radical Islam, but an institution hobbled from within, incapable of standing up to the main strategic threat for fear of offending a member government.

5. "Flying Pigs!" Making animal rights types unhappy. The military is good at that.

Representative Sample: the goal here is to help protect soldiers in Afghanistan from roadside bomb attacks, but with the added bonus of pork chops raining from the sky in surrounding towns.

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