Saturday, September 4, 2010

Desperate Democrats Pretending to Be Republicans

That's a front-page story at the Washington Post, except they call it "Democrats add fiscal austerity as a campaign issue." It's pretty  hard not to laugh when members of the party of big government, taxes and spending claim to support "fiscal austerity." Even the Post writer seems to be struggling to keep from openly sneering.
The candidate was outraged - just outraged - at the country's sorry fiscal state. ... that was a Democrat, Sen. Michael Bennet of Colorado, who voted "yes" on the stimulus, the health-care overhaul, increased education funding and other costly bills Congress approved under his party's control.
If there's one rule in American politics, it's that no matter how much taxpayer money Republicans waste, Democrats always want to waste even more. As the Bush administration along with Congress was spending like there was money to burn, there were plenty of Democrats attacking him for "cutting" programs, because they were upset that the rate of increase in spending on them wasn't as great as they thought it should be.  I seriously doubt that most voters are going to be fooled by Democrats pretending to be in favor of fiscal austerity. 

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