Sunday, September 12, 2010

HOT5 Daily 9/12/2010

1. "The Myths of 9/11" A good post from Frum. 

Representative Sample: as has been minutely documented since 2001, terrorists disproportionately come from the elite of their native societies. (The underwear bomber was the son of one of the richest men in Nigeria.) The societies that produce terrorists are likewise not poor, not the way Burma is poor or Congo is poor. Whatever it is, terrorism is not a cry of anguish from the dispossessed.

2. "Why do we cringe and cower" Good question. 

Representative Sample :Not in the face of Nazis. Or the gulags–in those cases people were moved to anger and to speak up. But islamism has become the disease that none dare name, the unmentionable, the almost-unthinkable core of an ideology that’s reflexively referred to as “the religion of peace”.

3. "When Criminal Defendants Face Conservative Judges" Not what you might think. Links to another more detailed article. 

Representative Sample: The opinions in these cases demonstrate why Scalia and Roberts, both "textualist" judges, so often side with criminal defendants. Scalia and Roberts take the same literal approach to interpreting federal statutes that they take to interpreting constitutional provisions. In neither case are they inclined to expand the meaning of a provision beyond its clear terms in order to effectuate some overarching policy goal.

4. "Muslims in the Middle East cheered the Attacks of 9/11" Particularly our enemies the Palestinians -- something many have chosen to forget, as we hand them money and train their military forces. 

Representative Sample: It's a video.

5. "Barack Obama: Leadership Under Whelming" Definitely.

Representative Sample: Imagine: It's Poland, 1939. Obama's message to the Poles is: Sure, you've been invaded by Nazi Germany. But, consider how much satisfaction can be had by reaching out to others in your community! Reaffirm your ideals – in defiance of those who would do you grave harm. Think of what that would say about you as a people!

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  1. I will never vote Republican because of their coziness with the religious lunatics. They will even call into question a person's morality because of lack of his/her shared belief in the invisible man. This methodology is how they can elect neo-cons like the mildly retarded 'Dubya' and be somewhat bewildered at how they didn't end up with conservative policies and in addition ended up with huge war debts.