Saturday, September 25, 2010

HOT5 Daily 9/25/2010

1. "Why the Left Manipulates with a Clear Conscience" Analyzing the left.

Representative Sample: elitists do not respect the ordinary person in society. They believe that non-elites are easily led astray by evil elites, and therefore that the judgment of non-elites simply cannot be used as a basis for setting public policy. Instead, leftists believe they must consciously manipulate everyone else in society for the benefit of all.

2. "Rape and the West Bank" Useful idiots molested by those they are trying to help.

Representative Sample: foreign (American and European) and Israeli Jewish and Arab left-feminists are being routinely harassed, raped, and even forced into marriage by the very Palestinians whom they have come to “rescue.” More shocking is the alleged pressure brought to bear on those activists who wish to press charges about being raped or abducted into marriage; their own movement presumably pressures them not to do so

3. "Obamacare is even worse than critics thought" And that's saying a lot.

Representative Sample: Obamacare won't allow employees or most small businesses to keep the coverage they have and like. By Obama's estimates, as many as 69 percent of employees, 80 percent of small businesses, and 64 percent of large businesses will be forced to change coverage, probably to more expensive plans.

4. "Be glad you live in a democracy" Title is somewhat misleading, but makes good points.

Representative Sample: One of the things that people do when they feel they are losing the argument - when they think that the view opposite theirs will get to be the majority view - is to attack vociferously. They will even make personal attacks and start to tell outright lies. Unfortunately for people who do this, the main effect is a backlash - people start to think (to quote Shakespeare) "(he) doth protest too much". Another way to cause a backlash is to not listen to the opposing concerns - especially if arguments are dismissed as being unimportant or personal putdowns are used.

5. "The hidden story behind “Obama’s Wars”: the insurgency in Washington" Obama vs. the generals.

Representative Sample: President Obama seems to be in over his head in trying to deal with national security. He has not been able to control the process. He’s been manipulated by his generals. He’s been frustrated in his efforts to put his own stamp on Afghanistan policy. Instead of setting policy, he’s been cast in the role of fighting a rear-guard battle against the Petraeus preference for a multi-decade, nation-building commitment to Afghanistan.

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