Tuesday, September 14, 2010

HOT5 Daily 9/14/2010

1. "TIS BETTER TO HAVE LOST AND LOST AGAIN THAN HAVE WON ANYTHING AT ALL" One of the better articles on the current fight within the GOP. 

Representative Sample: I didn’t think it possible to cheer up those gloomy Gus Democrats about their election chances in November but by God, leave it to the the true conservatives out there to accomplish the damn near impossible; they may guarantee Democrats remain in control of the senate next year.

2. "Newt Is Nuts!" Newt embraces the latest idiotic conspiracy theory about Obama. 

Representative Sample:  After the premiere of his documentary America at Risk, Gingrich mused about the brilliance of D'Souza's Forbes magazine cover story about the "roots of Obama's rage," based on his upcoming book with that title. The roots, according to D'Souza, were in mid-1960s, Marxist-inspired, Kenyan anti-colonialism. Gingrich repeated those words—"Kenyan, anti-colonial"—and called the article "brilliant."

3. "You Cannot Make Deals With The Real Extremists" Contrary to the Wishful Thinking School of American foreign policy.  

Representative Sample: It's a cartoon.

4. "Quis custodiet ipsos custodes?" I heard this piece on NPR while working over the weekend. 

Representative Sample: a series of revelations about police activities that are illegal (quotas) or violate the civil rights of citizens (arrests that are later voided that are made simply to pump up numbers) or manipulation of crime statistics in order to improve numbers in the CompStat system.

5. "Conflicted" Good points.

Representative Sample: a trial for an American citizen by a jury of his peers is being considered as a fallback plan to his targeted, extrajudicial assassination. This from the same bunch that just a few years ago got their panties in a twist about extending habeus corpus to non-citizen terrorists detained by the US military in Cuba.

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  1. FYI,
    Two colleagues and myself started a political blog, Shades of Grey (http://shadesofgreyblog.com/). Two of us are conservative and the other liberal. We do a weekly Point/Counter Point among other commentaries. Here's a short one about the Koran burning I wrote yesterday where I quote you. http://shadesofgreyblog.com/?p=253

    Keep up the great work.