Monday, September 20, 2010

HOT5 Daily 9/20/2010

1. "Superiority Complex" Long but good 

Representative Sample: But what happens when people who do believe that their culture, their nationality and their religion are superior immigrate into nations where the host population has been taught that they are no better than anyone else?

2. "Pope Benny’s speech – graphically" Sums it up. 

Representative Sample: It's a graphic.

3. "“The reality of any green product is that they generally don’t work as well”" And their actual benefit to the environment is debatable.  

Representative Sample: Those are the words of a cleaning supplies company manager. Another reality is that even as the so-called “green” products (which often aren’t all that green) don’t work as well, they’re typically much more expensive. gods exist, but one doesn’t believe gods exist.

4. "Somali Pirares: EU naval force blockades pirate group" Using blockade tactics without declaring a blockade produces results.

Representative Sample: twelve suspected pirates and four boats (three skiffs and one whaler) were intercepted; two further skiffs fled the scene. As none of the pirates were caught in the act of piracy, it was not possible to proceed with a prosecution under international law. However, all of the equipment which could have been used for an attack was seized and one whaler and one skiff were destroyed.

5. "Mollifying Muslims, and Muslifying Mollies" The amazing extent of our pandering to Muslims, even actual terrorist enemies.

Representative Sample: To reassure incoming prisoners that the filthy infidels haven't touched the sacred book with their unclean hands, the Korans are hung from the walls in pristine, sterilized surgical masks. It's one thing for Muslims to regard infidels as unclean, but it's hard to see why it's in the interests of us infidels to string along with it

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