Sunday, September 5, 2010

Iran Paying For Dead Americans

Just another reminder that Iran is our enemy, for those stupid enough to believe that if we just talked nicely to them, all our differences could be resolved. A Sunday Times investigation finds that Iranian companies located in Kabul are paying $1000 bounties for each dead U.S. soldier, and $6000 per vehicle destroyed. So what should we do about?

I'm on record opposing war with Iran at this time, and I stand by that position. I don't think it's in our strategic interests right now. That doesn't mean war wouldn't be justified. We have more than enough reason to declare war. It's just not a good idea -- but neither is letting Iran get away with waging a covert war against the U.S., and directly assisting the Taliban. For starters, bad things should begin happening to the people in those Iranian Kabul firms. Some of them should disappear without a trace -- hopefully into secret prisons where they can be interrogated for more information. Others should suffer ugly fatal accidents. Their business interests should be attacked by armed gangs -- I'm sure it wouldn't be too difficult to find some that might fit the bill in Afghanistan. 

Inside Iran itself, Iranians connected with the regime should start dying. Apparently the U.S. is already conducting some kidnappings of scientists, and sabotage of nuclear facilities. This sort of activity should be stepped up, and should be extended to key elements of regime support, such as the Revolutionary Guards. Iran has made it clear by both its words and its actions that it is fighting a covert war against the U.S. We should respond in kind, only with a greater and more effective effort. U.S. resources should be employed in a campaign of kidnapping, assassination, sabotage, and the arming & funding of dissident elements within Iran. We need to make it clear to the Iranian leadership that force will be met with greater force, and that they will pay the far greater price in a covert war. Superior force is the only language the mullahs and their flunkies like Ahmadinejad understand.

Iran is weak, and even regionally it is no match for the United States. It is able to do things such as fund contract killings of U.S. soldiers only because of our distraction with more important matters, and our reluctance to utilize our far superior military power. It's time to start raising the penalty for Iran's actions. 

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  1. You are really fucked up. How could you possibly wish these things?

    You are a foreign invading army in their region and you get offended that they pay money for the death of your troops?

    If Iran invaded a border country to America, with a possible future motion to invade the USA, wouldn't you start attacking them?

    Why is it that America has some sacred right to kill people, yet its audacious and wrong for other countries to do so?