Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Most Annoying Republicans?

In the HOT5 today I linked an article called "The Five Most Annoying Republicans in the World." Although I know it's difficult to narrow down an annoying list when talking about political figures, I'm not too impressed by the author's selections. Here's his list.

5. Bristol Palin
4. David Brooks
3. Gen. Colin Powell
2. Sen. Lindsey Graham
1. Meghan McCain

Bristol Palin? She's little more than a kid. I don't find her annoying at all. Her mother, on the other hand, is actually a major political force and can be extremely annoying.

David Brooks.  I guess he's a reasonable selection from a conservative base perspective, but Brooks doesn't really annoy me. Everyone knows what they are getting with Brooks. He's a moderate Republican columnist. I don't think he's intellectually dishonest or obnoxious; so even though I often disagree with him, I wouldn't put him on an annoying list.

Colin Powell. Ok, now we are right on target. Powell belongs at the top of this list, primarily for continuing to claim to be a Republican even though he's an independent who supports Obama and Democratic policies.

Lindsey Graham. Graham can be irritating, but not that much more than any other major Republican politician. 

Meghan McCain? The number 1 most annoying Republican? Really? Her father is actually important and far more annoying. If he hadn't run such a miserable incompetent campaign, we might not be stuck with President Obama.

Who is missing from this list? How can you have a current list of annoying Republicans and leave off Charlie Crist, Lisa Murkowski and Mike Castle. Castle, aside from his voting record, is a sore loser who refuses to support the nominee he lost to. Crist & Murkowski are not only sore losers, but are actually attempting to split the GOP vote and give Democrats a better chance to win in November. And then there is Christine O'Donnell. Here's someone who gives Democrats a perfect parody of an extreme religious social conservative, and is currently trailing by a large margin in the polls after knocking out someone who was a likely GOP Senate pick-up. There are a significant number of other Republicans more annoying than anyone on that list (except Colin Powell.)


  1. Just out of curiosity, what is it about Sarah Palin that you find annoying?

  2. "Just out of curiosity, what is it about Sarah Palin that you find annoying?"

    A variety of things, most of which can be found in this article by Quin Hillyer.

  3. I should also mention that I find fanatical Palin supporters and deranged Palin haters both much more annoying than Sarah Palin herself.

  4. I couldn't read the article (page not found), but I sure agree with your second point. But then I find fanatics of almost any strip annoying.

    I guess you could say I find her interesting. We travel to Alaska once a year or so, have friends there and plan to retire there, and our impression is that people up there like her a lot. I find her interesting as a political operative; she's very easy to underestimate.

    Her main benefit to the Republican party at this point is as a fund-raiser and her ability to energize the base.


    That's the link that didn't work earlier.