Thursday, September 2, 2010

HOT5 Daily 9/2/2010

1. "Homegrown Mujahideen" You won't find me favorably linking the American Prospect too often. A nice liberal take-down of Markos Moulitsas' ridiculous work of propaganda.

Representative Sample: I'm no fan of the right wing, but the only possible way it can be "indistinguishable" from the Taliban is if conservatives are stoning women for adultery, stalking elementary schools to throw acid in girls' faces, and generally enforcing fundamentalist religious law with torture and wanton violence.

2. "You are not Agnostic" Many people appear to have the confusion regarding terms that this post addresses.

Representative Sample: Some people claim to be agnostic instead of atheist because they believe it is a less severe view of the disbelief of a God. They are mistaken in their understanding of the term Agnostic. It is not a step down to a softer form of atheism. Agnosticism and atheism are two completely separate categories of belief.

3. "Understanding the left..." Overgeneralizes, but this applies to many on the left.

Representative Sample: Postmodern identity politics, which has infected the left to a degree greater than its exponents know, views all conflicts through the lens of power. The fundamental job of politics, in the eyes of the rank-and-file left-winger, is to lift up the oppressed, to empower the “wretched of the Earth.” This is why it can’t bring itself to oppose Islamic fanaticism. American leftists view Islam as under assault:

4. "Switched Out, Switched In, Switched Off" Gives reasons for why people left or joined Christianity.

Representative Sample: A Barna Group poll of 2,004 American adults, revealed that 12.5% of American adults have “switched out” of Christianity and into atheism, agnosticism or another faith. In the meantime, only 3% of American adults have switched into Christianity.

5. "School Supply Shopping" I linked this mainly because the insane laundry list of school supplies we have had to buy for our son (which the school demands we purchase) irritates me whenever I think about it.

Representative Sample: It's a cartoon

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  1. Re: school supplies. I always used to wish the teachers would just honestly note on the list that your child is actually buying supplies for 1 or more other children whose parents can't afford or just refuse to buy all that stuff. The quantities were always so ridiculously large that there was no other explanation. Honesty would have been refreshing, and I probably would have felt less taken advantage of.

  2. Yeah, my wife got the last of the list today. Every year there are more and more items.