Friday, September 3, 2010

Go to the Hospital or Get Tasered

Back in June I wrote about an unbelievable case of taser abuse, where a bedridden, 86 year-old woman was tasered by police. Now, from CBS News comes yet another extreme, unjustified taser assault. This time it was a 64 year-old man who had fallen in his home. Apparently police were called, and wanted him to go to the hospital. He refused since he didn't have insurance. So what did the officer do? Despite being told the man had a heart problem, he shocked him several times with his taser, in order to force him to get into an ambulance against his will.

It is long past time to start making an example of that sort of abusive police officer. He should not only be kicked off the force, but should currently be in jail awaiting trial on charges of assault & battery and reckless endangerment -- at the very least.

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