Friday, September 24, 2010

HOT5 Daily 9/24/2010

1. "A Must-Read From “The American Muslim”" A welcome statement from some American & Canadian Muslims. 

Representative Sample: Here’s a true moderate voice from the Islamic community. Spread it far and wide, and insist that others identified by political and media elites as “moderate Muslim leaders” explicitly associate themselves with it of forfeit that title of moderate.

2. "Ahmadinejad Appauded at UN" Another example of why the UN is unworthy of any respect. 

Representative Sample: Can you connect these dots? I can't. Why should we sit down and talk to this man who is "delusional". Does Obama think that maybe we can delude him?

3. "Burning Koran in England results in arrest" Another chapter in the sad decline of Britain.  

Representative Sample: Seems that British Police don't like freedom of expression.

4. "Retarded" Congress wasting its time eliminating the term "mental retardation" from Federal Laws. 

Representative Sample: When did Congress become the Sacred Guardians of the English Language?.

5. "Real Men Do Apologize" Study finds interesting differences between men & women over taking offense and apologizing.

Representative Sample: Their conclusion is that “men apologize less frequently than women because they have a higher threshold for what constitutes offensive behavior.” Whether on the giving or receiving end, males are less likely to feel an unpleasant incident is serious enough to warrant a statement of remorse.

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